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Attract the best remote talent to your company and increase remote team productivity. Bring your business into the remote era with first-rate corporate trainings and consulting services.

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Start your remote life by joining the growing rank of full-time freelancers and remote professionals. Remote work is no longer and in-between career step, but the pulsing future of work!

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We provide top-notch educational services to help you kickstart your remote career. The Kaizenera workshops, learning materials and mentoring services were all designed to be interactive, personalized and highly actionable. Learn the ropes of freelancing from trusted industry experts.

The workshop was hosted by a credible freelancer, I heard loads of practical information.


The exercises that Peter gave us were superb, if you base your freelancing idea on them, you can really kickstart your career. I have done several similar workshops and exercises, but on this workshop I really got to understand what matters. Peter is also a great trainer!


Took part in a Kaizenera workshop, can't recommend it enough! Trainer was professional, one of the best and most interactive workshops I've ever been to. Also liked how it all came together at the end!


Great concept, good direction, loved the way you approach the topic of freelancing, especially the landscape of independence. Recommended!


Corporate trainings and services

The best industry talent is now remote. Learn how to build a corporate environment that is attractive to this talent pool, and create a business where remote productivity translates to a better bottom line.

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