Mentoring for freelancers

Remote guidence from remote professionals

50 minute mentoring session

For freelancers

Try our dedicated freelance mentoring sessions if you are having trouble with one of the following:

  • attracting high quality clients
  • finding work-life balance
  • if you feel you cannot advance your career forward
  • you are close to burning out
  • in need of a fresh pair of eyes in your next career decision

For remote professionals

Try our dedicated remote mentoring sessions if you are considering one of the following:

  • moving from your office 9-to-5 to a compeltely remote job
  • need assistance in making you an attractive remote prospect
  • have trouble finding the right jobs
  • need help in bidding for full time remote jobs

A process of discovery

The Kaizenera mentoring experience is designed to bring out the best in you. It is a process of discovery, where in a series of interactive sessions we dive deep to find what motivates you, what your real goals are, and finally, laying out a clear path towards achieving them. The process is laser focused on your journey, we are merely here to guide you along.

For freelancers by freelancers

The Kaizenera team has decades worth of experience in freelancing and helping others realize their remote dreams. We all have our fair share of experiences with how difficult it is to find remote work, create an attractive personal brands, or to have a balanced and enjoyable remote career. We have all been there, and now it is time for us to give back.

How does it work?

Step 1

Book your mentoring appointment online.

Step 2

You will recieve an automated email about your session instructions.

Step 3

Follow the instructions and start your session!

79,00 50 minutes

The Kaizenera 50 minute mentoring session, designed to help you find better freelancing and remote work opportunities.

Meet your mentor

Peter Balog – freelance writer, content editor and marketing entrepreneur. Peter has amassed a decade’s worth of experience in the freelancing world. As the old adage goes, from janitor to decision maker, he has not only seen, but lived all aspects of the remote life.

He has created workshops for the Visegrad Fund, organised local TEDx events and built his own Marketing Consultancy.

Peter is also an avid backpacker, aviation geek and a pretty decent DJ!

The workshop was hosted by a credible freelancer, I heard loads of practical information.


The exercises that Peter gave us were superb, if you base your freelancing idea on them, you can really kickstart your career. I have done several similar workshops and exercises, but on this workshop I really got to understand what matters. Peter is also a great trainer!


Took part in a Kaizenera workshop, can't recommend it enough! Trainer was professional, one of the best and most interactive workshops I've ever been to. Also liked how it all came together at the end!


Great concept, good direction, loved the way you approach the topic of freelancing, especially the landscape of independence. Recommended!


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