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Home Alone: Finding Productivity in a Home Office Setting

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The home office productivity package was designed for full time remote workers and freelancers. If you struggle with keeping focus, if you feel there is potential to unlock your full productivity, or if you are just looking for better ways to find work-life balance, this package is for you! We provide actionable steps, real data and personal stories to help you find your home office productivity!

The package includes:

  • 50 page ebook in a stylish PDF and reflowable epub format, suitable for all devices
  • 1 home office stress test spreadsheet, designed to help you identify what causes you discomfort
  • 1 video with a home office time management example
  • Bonus: 20 Time Management Hacks for a Productive Home Office

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Who is this course for?

  • People who are already in a home office environment
  • Who feel the day rushes by without any meaningful results
  • Who cannot find the balance between work and life
  • Find it difficult to shut down after a long day in the home office
  • Oftentimes feel lonely and worn out
  • Who feel that they are only scratching the surface of their possible productivity

What to expect from this package?

  • We will help you identify your greatest hindrances and issues
  • We will talk about what is the right approach and what tools you need to overcome these issues
  • There will be a great number of actionable, real-life examples
  • We will also share numerous personal stories from the Kaizenera team and fellow home office dwellers, including freelancers, remote professionals and full-time telecommuters
Chapter 1 – Introduction

Finding focus, the motivation to get up and actually get tasks done, while avoiding all the distractions is a challenge for most of us. You are probably here because you share some of these concerns.

In this chapter you will find:
– Who is this course for?
– What to expect from this package?

Chapter 2 – The ups and downs of being Home Alone

In this chapter we discuss the benefits and disadvantages of working from home, while reviewing the findings of several studies on the subject.

Chapter 3 – Identifying Your Problems

There is a clear trade-off for working from home, and if the issues and challenges of such a way of work are not addressed properly, the disadvantages could potentially outweigh the benefits. Those who have punched in hours from the comforts of their sofa know that the buzz of finishing tasks in your pajamas fades away faster than your coffee going cold. Even just after a couple of hours people new to home officing will come to a quick realization on how distancing it can be.

In this chapter you will find:
– Problems, solutions and expectations
– Time for an excersize
– Physician, heal thyself

Chapter 4 – Managing Time and Related Issues

Time management is usually an issue of either not budgeting for time at all, and/ or not using the budgeted time well. The first part is a goal setting issue, the latter is an issue of methods and tools. In this chapter we will look at these factors of your home office productivity.

In this chapter you will find:
– The importance of goal setting
– A few productivity methods
– A few productivity tools

Chapter 5 – Managing Place and Related Issues

When it comes to place in the context of home offices, there are usually two issues. First, how do find the right office setting that gets us in a productive mood, and secondly, how do we avoid going overboard and leave this setting? Funnily enough the solution lies not far from our previous daily annoyances of commuting, that we so loathed and swore to never miss.

In this chapter you will find:
– Let’s talk about habits

Chapter 6 – Managing People and Related Issues

Managing people in a home office setting boils down to two layers in reality, on the one hand we have external factors like coworkers and loved ones; and your own wellbeing on the other, which we will be labeling as internal factors.

In this chapter you will find:
– External factors (Interpersonal)
– Internal factors (Intrapersonal)

Chapter 7 – Finding Your Flow, or Getting it All Together

Now comes the hard part, the part where we will be putting what we learned into one coherent, functioning system. A system that is based on routine, yet flexible enough to bear the weight of constant improvement. When it comes to shaping
your productivity routine, you would be wise to keep one eye on the prize, and one eye on what’s after the prize!

In this chapter you will find:
– The Kaizenera approach
– A case study of a personal flow
– Common questions

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About the author

Peter Balog

Writer, content editor and marketing entrepreneur, Peter has amassed a decade’s worth of experience in the freelancing world. As the old adage goes, from janitor to decision maker, he has not only seen, but lived all aspects of the remote life.

He has created workshops for the Visegrad Fund, organised local TEDx events and built his own Marketing Consultancy.

Peter is also an avid backpacker, aviation geek and a pretty decent DJ!


Actionable package

The goal of every Kaizenera product, may it bet a workshop or an online package like this, is to provide actionable steps that participants can utilize in their day to day workflow. We are firm believers in learning by doing, this is we have decided to adapt a mantra of doing.

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The Kaizenera team has decades worth of experience in freelancing and helping others realize their remote dreams. We see remote work as an opportunity to reach better wages, find more fulfilling projects, and to enrich our world through meaningful work.


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We freelancers oftentimes feel alone in our work, but this could not be farther from the truth. Stories of struggle and triumph are shared among a rich community of freelancers and remote professionals. In our materials we share these stories to inspire change in others!

The workshop was hosted by a credible freelancer, I heard loads of practical information.


The exercises that Peter gave us were superb, if you base your freelancing idea on them, you can really kickstart your career. I have done several similar workshops and exercises, but on this workshop I really got to understand what matters. Peter is also a great trainer!


Took part in a Kaizenera workshop, can't recommend it enough! Trainer was professional, one of the best and most interactive workshops I've ever been to. Also liked how it all came together at the end!


Great concept, good direction, loved the way you approach the topic of freelancing, especially the landscape of independence. Recommended!


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